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I have to say, it's really hard to write a hard-boiled cop who's been wrongfully imprisoned without using profanity. It's two grown women, a preverbal infant, and sometimes a guard or two, but it still just feels weird to have swearing in a fic for this show, so I've been avoiding it as hard as I can.
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Simoun fic: 'Endless'

Title: Endless
Fandom: Simoun
Wordcount: 3,544
Characters/pairings: Yun, Plumbish Military Governor, postmortem Rodoreamon/Mamiina, mentions of the rest of the cast.
Summary: Through more wars and more crafts and assaults, the Keeper of the Spring remains as she is. But even that which never changes must react, sometimes, to that which does.
Warnings: Mentions of massacre and children as collateral damage, implied suicidal ideation. Religion. Lots of angst. Spoilers for the whole series.
Notes: A few references to the OP and ED titles, and to Nazuka Kaori's written thoughts on the series, at the end. Thanks to the tracks for being called what they're called and to Nazuka for being Nazuka.


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So, Legend of Korra.

I really want to make a parody of the original Dirty Harry poster with Lin. But I'm no good at digital art. What do.

Also, Asami is a badass Margaret Burton with electricity and kung fu instead of reality warping (and a father who was not in fact brainwashed). So not really much like Margaret at all. Or she's Margaret and Elenore's daughter. That works too.

Speaking of which, 'Also, Lin's dad is Azula. It's really complicated.' I JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO. lizbee, sorry if it's a silly question, but were you aware of this?
Beneath the falling leaves.

Yikes, sorry! SPRING STUFF

Oh Jesus.

First of all, I've obviously been incredibly busy.

I finished my junior year of college (three semesters left because my major's requirements are more stringent than those of the university). I got Dean's List honours this term as well as last and a 3.65 GPA, which, I should point out, is considered remarkable in my major. Just finishing the UMass Japanese programme, assuming I do, is considered a minor feat of strength; I was surprised to learn how highly we're apparently regarded in my field. Anyway, more importantly, I firmed up some friendships this semester too. I had a fight with a friend on the weekend of Easter, which was also my birthday and Anime Boston, but that seems to have, finally, been resolved. I've been on various reading and watching binges. As one would expect I'm neck-deep in Korra right now and have outstanding commitments for various reasons to Heartcatch Precure, The Twelve Kingdoms, and Natsume Yuujin-chou.

I have an entirely unreasonable if not outright alarming degree of FEELINGS about The Prague Cemetery, mostly because it's genuinely terrifying. I had a perhaps more to be expected set about Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman, which made me absolutely bawl.

I was also elected to public office! I'm a member of the Town Meeting of Amherst, Massachusetts, a quaint form of local government used in New England. I'm one of 246 members and I was pretty involved in some controversial zoning votes (our side won in that the terrible development ideas that we were being presented with won't go through this year; we won only by a few votes!). I can talk more about what these controversies were and what the experience in general has been like in the comments if anybody is interested.

A week ago from the day that it now technically is on my side of the International Date Line I was finally officially confirmed in the Episcopal Church. It was the last set of confirmations for Bishop Scruton, whom I'm going to miss a lot. I'm not sure what I think of his potential successors, on whom we have not yet voted.

This summer I'm going to spend some time in Amherst with my friends and also at home with my family, doing a lot of gardening actually. A few weeks ago I finished, at long, long last, the writing project I'd been working on for two and a half years, and I've got something new going on! I've also been working on translating from a Noir artbook that I got at Anime Boston.

I also have a tumblr now!

I'm so sorry about my prolonged absence! How has everybody been?
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Everything is Korra and nothing hurts, except homework which I have a lot of because classes resume in about twenty-eight hours.

More thoughts forthcoming at some point.


Hi, it's been a while.

I'm sorry I haven't really been saying or doing much on here of late! I'm extremely busy.

In other news, I have no idea how to finish a question when none of the examples had a remotely similar sentence structure, film at eleven.

I'm really burnt out tonight. As long as I finish everything I'll do just fine, but that doesn't really help when the problem is that I'm being assigned some of the most unbelievably time-consuming language work imaginable to pound into my head things like the fact that 'koto ni natteiru' indicates a socially imposed demand but 'koto ni natta' indicates a necessity imposed by some specified or unspecified outside force. I'm grateful for it, but I'm getting deep muscle pain and have no idea why even though I have no other symptoms of illness and I'm starting to find it hard to confine my thoughts to one language.

Taitei, watakushi no kangae between English and Japanese wo ukimasu kara, chotto taihen na language usage wo tsukai, tomodachi ni confused saserareteshimaimasu. And yes that is a reasonable example of how my thoughts sound these days.

There's a lot of so-bad-it's-amazing yuri in the winter anime season, and I've been falling ever deeper in love with the church I've been going to the past year and a half or so as I move towards confirmation and possibly even postulancy (!).

What's been going on with you guys?