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Gratuitous Fic Post '07 Part One

Title: Humid Nightblue Fruit
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (post-movieverse)
Summary: Noa looks at the world around her, thinking about who and what she is.
Characters: Noa, Ed, Al, Our!Universe!Scar
Pairings: Ed/Noa
Rated: PG, just as a default.
Word Count: 601
Warnings: Spoilers for the end of the anime series and Conqueror of Shamballa.
Author’s Notes: Because there is not nearly enough fic for this pairing. Seriously. The title is from a certain book mentioned within the story.
Humid Nightblue Fruit 
The whole word was a song. Everything that was or had been or ever might be was like a stem or bulb of a note, a grace or a sharp or a flat or a trill, a treble or bass clef. The stars above the forest were jewels tangled in a humid blue net, and the strains of music from a guitar somewhere off in the camp mingled with the voices into a sweet flow of sound.
            Noa stood with her bare feet spread in the dirt of the country road. Before her, the old truck stood beneath a spreading linden tree. The boughs flew out in all directions, and to either side of the truck they hung down over a small watch fire with a single Roma tending it. A larger fire stood in the middle of a sloping grassy plot that descended from the road down to the edge of the woods. The man who plucked the guitar, a tall and rangy fellow with brown skin and light hair, lay with his head on a rucksack and his legs crossed with the soles of his feet facing the crackling blaze. A dozen or so gypsies fanned out on either side of him; it was they who were singing.
            It was dark on the other side of the road but for two matrices of light, tiny specks arrayed in intricate patterns. They were lanterns: tin cans with holes punched in the sides so that the candles inside made dot-drawings of luminescence. By each lantern sat a blonde-haired boy, one in a red jacket with a strange black crest on the back, the other in the brown waistcoat and trousers and white shirt of a Münchenian bohéme taken to travel. The one had his nose stuffed into a book titled The Theory and Practise of Sans-Array Transmutation, by Sir Edward Dyer. The other was reading Das Relativitätsprinzip der Lorentz-transformation by Max von Laue. Beside him was a heavily dog-eared volume whose cover boldly proclaimed it to be Ulysses—durch Jakob Joyce. He had a more relaxed approach to the book than his brother did, holding it two feet from his face and running his golden eyes over it as though it was the most normal, mundane book in the world.
            Noa looked at the second boy for some time. She had seen his mind several times, and now she knew that his thoughts, previously like a seething ocean of mayhem and turmoil, were at last at peace with themselves. In him she saw acceptance, trust, compassion, valour, and curiosity, united into the whole that was Edward Elric. He could be unpleasant and snitty on occasion, but it was part of what made him immutably himself, and imperfection was one of his best qualities.
            Noa walked up through the dark, wet grass to where he sat.
            ‘Edward,’ she said.
            ‘Hello, Noa.’ Ed put the book down on his lap and sat straighter upright.
            ‘Edward, I’ve been thinking, and I wanted to tell you something.’
‘Brother?’ said Alphonse Elric.
            ‘Hold on a moment,’ said Ed. ‘What is it, Al?’
            ‘I found something that might help us. It seems like it should be possible without alchemy.’
            ‘Mark where you are in the book; I’ll look at it in the morning.’ Ed turned back to Noa. ‘Yes, Noa, you were saying?’
            ‘Edward…’ Noa looked around the camp, full of light and song, and then back at Ed. His face was open and his lips were pursed in genuine interest, perhaps concern. Noa cleared her throat and continued. ‘I think I’ve found somewhere where I belong.’


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Nov. 5th, 2007 06:10 am (UTC)
That was good! I'm an Ed/Win fan myself but I quite like this. It's sweet, and descriptive in a sort of lush way.
Nov. 5th, 2007 10:10 pm (UTC)
That was very sweet! Lol, and I'm not even an Ed/Noa fan, so great job! ^^ Very enjoyable to read, peaceful and great description.
You let Al keep the coat! I like this all the more for such a tiny detail. ;)
Dec. 9th, 2007 08:37 am (UTC)
Very nice :) This is not remotely my pairing of choice, but I can enjoy your take on it, and on Noa. You also have a very lyrical style.

It was dark on the other side of the road but for two matrices of light, tiny specks arrayed in intricate patterns. They were lanterns: tin cans with holes punched in the sides so that the candles inside made dot-drawings of luminescence.

This imagery is just beautiful.
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