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Oh for Christ's sake.

4chan, on two characters from Sora no Woto/Bruit des Cieux/Himmelsklänge/whatever language they're translating Sound of the Skies into now:

Stupid artists, pretending there's yuri where there isn't. I wish they wouldn't get put on official OSTs to fool stupid western fans who confuse girls who kiss each other and live together with lesbians. There is nothing lesbian about that, not yuri.

Uh, guys...? ...I don't think semantic drift can account for this.

I'll quote another anon:

I love Sora no Woto, how it trolls you little crybabies. Your tears are delicious, does some lesbianism really hurt your tiny male ego that much?
Tags: dear god that's bad, language, people suck sometimes, weird anime, why?

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