Nathan (melengro) wrote,

Fic: Puella Magi Amelia Magica

Title: Puella Magi Amelia Magica
Series: Crossover (Doctor Who/Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
Word count: 611
Notes: In which Incubator gets his paws on Amy. Because Eleven didn’t come back… Also, biichan made me do this.

Puella Magi Amelia Magica

When Amelia Jessica Pond is seven, she has a childhood friend. When Amelia Jessica Pond is seven, her childhood friend vanishes.

When she is nine, Amelia Jessica Pond meets Keiko Urobuchi, a Japanese immigrant student in her class. They become friends, sharing interests in the strange and unreal and uncanny. Amelia feels a sudden strange impulse in her breast pulling her forward into a future full of unreal things.

At this time the Doctor, on the planet Oshput, is having a great time with his companions Farook and Fatema.

When Amelia and Keiko are twelve, they take a trip to Japan together. Amelia falls in love with the city of Mitakihara, a new town east of Tokyo, full of cutting-edge technology and architecture but built around an old traditional core. Dressing up with Keiko as a schoolgirl of that country, running and playing together in the streets, jumping and dancing, she almost can forget what she feels like she has lost.


The little creature like a fox, like a cat, like a weasel comes to them when they are shopping for traditional dolls at an old shop in the only part of Mitakihara that predates the Pacific War. Amelia has been feeling uneasy all day; she is a happy schoolgirl with happy friends and a happy life and only occasionally given to ruminations upon time, entropy, chaos, and death.

This is one of those times. She misses the Raggedy Doctor. She misses him so, so—

‘Do you have a wish?’

She does.

‘Every girl has a wish!’


‘Make a contract with me and become puella magi!’

Keiko demurs. She has things to take care of and besides, she and Amelia are going back to England soon. Amelia does not demur. Of course she does not. The creature before her regards her with whatever twisted conceit it thinks where a human would feel pleasure.

Amelia’s chest is ripped in two.

‘Your wish will be granted.’

Three days later, on returning to England, the Doctor returns! Amelia runs, runs, so excited, and tells him what he has done…and he is horrified. He is fearful. He tells her to wait just a little bit again. He runs off in that blue box of his again, and Amelia falls into despair again.

She fights.

She fights many of them. Five, six witches a month, for two and a half years, racing against them as the pinkness of her soul becomes redness becomes vermillion becomes maroon. Coobie or whatever his name is sometimes pops by to ‘help’, and Keiko supports Amelia as best she can. But it is not enough.

And eventually they cannot reach her at all any more, and more than not enough, it is nothing. Simply nothing.

And the Raggedy Doctor has still not returned.

So she falls. Her heart bubbling up before strangling itself and bursting in something like agony—but beyond agony, something untellable, something timeless and almost elegant in its horror to such a person as her—Amelia falls so hard, and far…

The witch of the apple tree. Her nature is abandonment. Promises are the most important thing to her. Her barrier is filled with the art of a promise broken long ago. She paints the true natures of humans who wander into her barrier in her enormous murals. She exposes all the lies in their hearts, and traps them in the artwork so that they cannot leave until they repent all of their broken promises to others.

…Five years later, though…

…a civilisation of beautiful, heartless white creatures gets its world torn down around its ears, when something blue plummets through the homeworld’s red skies.


Tags: doctor who, fic, other fine programming, writing things

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