Nathan (melengro) wrote,

Hi, it's been a while.

I'm sorry I haven't really been saying or doing much on here of late! I'm extremely busy.

In other news, I have no idea how to finish a question when none of the examples had a remotely similar sentence structure, film at eleven.

I'm really burnt out tonight. As long as I finish everything I'll do just fine, but that doesn't really help when the problem is that I'm being assigned some of the most unbelievably time-consuming language work imaginable to pound into my head things like the fact that 'koto ni natteiru' indicates a socially imposed demand but 'koto ni natta' indicates a necessity imposed by some specified or unspecified outside force. I'm grateful for it, but I'm getting deep muscle pain and have no idea why even though I have no other symptoms of illness and I'm starting to find it hard to confine my thoughts to one language.

Taitei, watakushi no kangae between English and Japanese wo ukimasu kara, chotto taihen na language usage wo tsukai, tomodachi ni confused saserareteshimaimasu. And yes that is a reasonable example of how my thoughts sound these days.

There's a lot of so-bad-it's-amazing yuri in the winter anime season, and I've been falling ever deeper in love with the church I've been going to the past year and a half or so as I move towards confirmation and possibly even postulancy (!).

What's been going on with you guys?
Tags: actual real life, college, hello lj, sumimasen

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