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Shimako is world peace.

Interview meme!

1. Leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3. You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4. You'll include this explanation.
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bewarethespork  asked me:

1. What got you into all the anime you love in the first place?

The first anime that I really got into was Noir, which I found on TVTropes in July 2008 during a search for The Maltese Falcon. From there, I watched the rest of the Girls-with-Guns trilogy, and then more and more yuri. I forget how I got into Type-MOON but I did. the_sun_is_up  introduced me to the WTFness that is When They Cry. Another friend introduced me to Simoun.

2. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

First I wanted to be a black hole. That fell through and I wanted to be an astronaut but eventually it became clear that I'm too tall for NASA's requirements (they have a six-foot limit) so I decided to be a writer. I'm still interested in space, though.

3. You're pretty religious, right? So what does that mean to you, and how does it affect the way you live your daily life?

Mainly it curtails my options. I'm somebody who likes to know what will happen to me and even more so what I should do whenever there's such knowledge to be had. In situations like 'should I apologise to X person?' or 'should I restore contact with Y person?' there are a lot of variables. But in situations like 'should I go to compline this evening?' (yes I should) and 'should I have sex with this random stranger?' (no I shouldn't) and 'should I forgive Z person for their incomprehensible behaviour that really messed me up good?' (yes I should, and this isn't a hypothetical either) the answers are easier because I have beliefs and courage of convictions. But more than just some bullshit self-help thing, my religion informs things as disparate as my media interests (I got into Noir because of the theology as much as because of the lesbianism), my political opinions (every time a right-wing Republican is elected to the Senate, the money-changers in the Temple do a celebration conga), and my very own writing.

4. Have you ever picked up a book you expected to dislike and ended up loving it?

This pretty much exactly describes my experience with Rabindranath Tagore in general, as well as Paradise Lost, The Makioka Sisters, the Lord Peter Wimsey series, and quite a few others that are now among my forever books.

5. So, I heard you love Romana. Why?

I have a whole tag dedicated to Romana, the reasons why I love her, and the reasons why she is awesome. Go wild!
Doctor/Romana books

I just realised something!

The version of 'Country Roads' in Whisper of the Heart is more heartfelt, more evocative, better-written, and just plain superior to the original version.

Oh, Studio Ghibli. Nevar change.

...Has ANYBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD actually seen this movie, by the way? It's a brilliant little piece and the man who made it is actually a rather tragic figure. Whisper of the Heart was the only movie that Kondo Yoshifumi was ever able to make on his own. He literally worked himself to death doing animation for Princess Mononoke two years later.
Doctor/Romana books


Sora no Woto=Cute Japanese and European teenage girls, wearing Wehrmacht uniforms, exploring a Japanese school in a Spanish town full of French people who make Venetian glassware on Switzerland's French border, in a country that has a soldier princess playing Amazing Grace on a trumpet, following a Shinto-Christian religion with a miko-nun, treating tropical diseases only children get, accepting yen as currency while not being able to read kanji, celebrating Spanish traditions mixed with Chinese New Years legends, shooting at African owls (that try to keep them away from schoolgirl ghosts) with German rifles, being led by a traumatized commander who is afraid of lightning, tricking Italian mobsters to keep them from moving in on the girls' bootlegging operation which finance their paycheck and supplies, pissing themselves and becoming baby factories for the Pope, creating biological weapons while still little kids and killing thousands, all while at war with German-speaking brown-skinned Americans with bindis on females' foreheads from a Roman Empire lead by the Pope that follows a monotheistic religion that believes in the Judgment Day, while piloting a finally fixed multi-legged, demon-slaying, weather-reporting, stealth-sniper and simulation training mode capable, AMAZING GRACE SINGING, Engrish-speaking, wall-climbing, 200mm coil gun-firing 'son of the god of fire' supertank from the past (aka Tank-kun).

Yakushiji Ryoko=Indolent wealthy dominatrix police investigator and political crusader (for a highly Japonified form of Christian socialism*) and her servant boy/handler/Charles Parker equivalent (with the occasional assistance of the servant boy's cousin or the police investigator's murderous French maids) battle a corrupt Japanese bureaucratic practise that is being exploited by a conspiracy involving the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare and (Even More) Evil Japanese Blackwater, possibly for idealistic reasons and possibly to increase the police investigator's family's market share. Also, it has mangrove seedpods that control people's brains. I mean seriously, where else are you going to hear Nabatame Hitomi deliver, with absolutely compelling gravitas such that one cannot help but take it seriously, the line 'either way, a mangrove parasitic on humans was born one day and began to speak through Tadomura's mouth', and then turn this into a bizarre false God/true God fight?

*Ryoko's actual religious and political beliefs are never explicitly stated but there are definitely times when the things that she says remind me of Tony Benn or George Lansbury.

Can somebody remind me why exactly I was worried about passing my time until Doctor Who starts again?
Doctor/Romana books

PSA: Yakushiji Ryoko

So the_sun_is_up  recently posted about a show called Le Recueil des Faits Improbables de Ryoko Yakushiji.

This is a show about a rich, lazy, brilliant female Japanese police detective-superintendent (the same rank that Charles Parker's immediate superiors hold in the Lord Peter Wimsey series) who fights crazy cults with ~*~science~*~, utterly dominates her detective-inspector/servant boy Izumida Jun'ichiro, watches a schlock Vampira-type horror series called Horror: Thursday the Twelfth, goes shopping for fancy clothes in between fighting the corrupt practise of 'amakudari' (by which retired Japanese civil servants take lucrative private-sector jobs on an even vaster and slimier scale than US Republican politicians), and...well...here are two scenes that I feel demonstrate her personality pretty well.

(You have to click on the image to see what's going on.)

SO YEAH. The banter is pretty epic (Mr Whedon, are you taking notes?).
Doctor/Romana books

Fic: War in Heaven

Title: War in Heaven

Summary: Doctor Who/Umineko no Naku Koro ni crossover. It involves Romana. There are probably spoilers for ‘The End of Time’ and potentially the later arcs of Umineko. Continuation of ‘Chain’.

Rated: PG, I guess?

Word count: 789

Warnings: As I said, spoilers. Also potential sapphic subtext.

Notes: Because this was one of the few things about ‘The End of Time’ that I consistently liked all the way through.



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Doctor/Romana books

Fic: Chain

Title: Chain

Summary: Doctor Who/Umineko no Naku Koro ni crossover. It involves Romana. There are probably spoilers for ‘The End of Time’ and potentially the later arcs of Umineko.

Rated: PG, I guess?

Word count: 591

Warnings: As I said, spoilers. Also potential sapphic subtext.

Notes: Because this was one of the few things about ‘The End of Time’ that I consistently liked all the way through.


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