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Beneath the falling leaves.

Yikes, sorry! SPRING STUFF

Oh Jesus.

First of all, I've obviously been incredibly busy.

I finished my junior year of college (three semesters left because my major's requirements are more stringent than those of the university). I got Dean's List honours this term as well as last and a 3.65 GPA, which, I should point out, is considered remarkable in my major. Just finishing the UMass Japanese programme, assuming I do, is considered a minor feat of strength; I was surprised to learn how highly we're apparently regarded in my field. Anyway, more importantly, I firmed up some friendships this semester too. I had a fight with a friend on the weekend of Easter, which was also my birthday and Anime Boston, but that seems to have, finally, been resolved. I've been on various reading and watching binges. As one would expect I'm neck-deep in Korra right now and have outstanding commitments for various reasons to Heartcatch Precure, The Twelve Kingdoms, and Natsume Yuujin-chou.

I have an entirely unreasonable if not outright alarming degree of FEELINGS about The Prague Cemetery, mostly because it's genuinely terrifying. I had a perhaps more to be expected set about Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman, which made me absolutely bawl.

I was also elected to public office! I'm a member of the Town Meeting of Amherst, Massachusetts, a quaint form of local government used in New England. I'm one of 246 members and I was pretty involved in some controversial zoning votes (our side won in that the terrible development ideas that we were being presented with won't go through this year; we won only by a few votes!). I can talk more about what these controversies were and what the experience in general has been like in the comments if anybody is interested.

A week ago from the day that it now technically is on my side of the International Date Line I was finally officially confirmed in the Episcopal Church. It was the last set of confirmations for Bishop Scruton, whom I'm going to miss a lot. I'm not sure what I think of his potential successors, on whom we have not yet voted.

This summer I'm going to spend some time in Amherst with my friends and also at home with my family, doing a lot of gardening actually. A few weeks ago I finished, at long, long last, the writing project I'd been working on for two and a half years, and I've got something new going on! I've also been working on translating from a Noir artbook that I got at Anime Boston.

I also have a tumblr now!

I'm so sorry about my prolonged absence! How has everybody been?
The name of an ancient fate

Fuck this shit, I'm using an icon of Actual Mireille and Actual Kirika.

So, a while back news broke that Sam Raimi, he of among other things The Evil Dead and Xena: Warrior Princess fame, had bought the rights to Noir for purposes of hot live-action-adaptation action. Naturally, since I fucking love The Evil Dead and know that Xena is supposed to be really gay, I was...trepid, certainly, but cautiously excited about this concept. It was either going to be brain-breakingly horrible or fucking awesome, and I trusted the man who made Bruce Campbell a star.




So. Altena is gone. Chloe is gone (or warped into an unrecognisable straight caricature of herself called Alice, it's not really clear where in the development process that came in). Mireille is (1) straight, (2) ten years older than Kirika, (3) MARRIED, and (4) apparently involved with at least a few men who aren't the bullshit generic male lead she's married to. Also she has Altena's backstory for some reason even though there's no Altena. Kirika is also straight. Milosh, remember him? That weary old Foreign Legion vet who just wanted to forget and paint pictures and who befriended Kirika because he liked her watercolours? Well here he is her age and her boyfriend, to whom she loses her virginity and who she then kills in a jealous rage (Kirika is a lot more of a nutcase than she is in the real version). The whole thing is set in the sixties, God only knows why exactly. The Soldats have been completely changed; they replaced the white terrorists with their own weird cult in the Pyrenees with brown terrorists from the Middle East (CLASSY). The script excerpts in general (you have to pay for them in that link, but they were posted on 4chan) are absolutely awful, like a cross between All-Star Batman and Robin-era Frank Miller and one of the more unwatchable Roger Moore 007 flicks.

As somebody on /u/ said:

'The core concept of Noir is how two women who are essentially completely alone and only barely connected to society manage to find some glimmer of light in their otherwise utterly dark lives....I may even go so far as to suggest that shit like this is going to destroy what made Noir Noir.'

I am not a happy camper about this fuckery.
Lead us not into temptation

Fic: Mireille and Kirika’s Magical [Possibly Poisoned] Mystery Tour

Title: Mireille and Kirika’s Magical [Possibly Poisoned] Mystery Tour
Author: melengro 
Mireille Bouquet/Yuumura Kirika
I do not own Noir or any aspect of Noir except for a set of the DVDs.
Prompt: Noir: Mireille/Kirika: The Soldats taught her everything about death, but nothing about what it means that she loves another woman.
Summary: Kirika explores some gaps in her knowledge, and her heart and other areas of her body ache a little. 
Notes: Some cleaning-up of the text by the always amazing judamacaby .


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Doctor/Romana books

30 Characters Meme, Day Sixteen

Character you wouldn't mind prancing naked for you
Mireille again.

Of course, I have the insurmountable disadvantage of not being Kirika. Romana I is another possibility...

...but it's Romana I. She probably sleeps in full Prydonian robes.

And Amy is married. She might be too...shall I say, 'batshit insane in that wonderful Amy way that we all love' to realise why Rory would have a problem with this, but he probably would.

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Maidens with black hands

30 Characters Meme: Day Three

A character you'd date
Mireille Bouquet (Noir)

REALY, SELF? Mireille is a blonde French Corsican woman. I prefer brunettes and almost never go for the whole MEDITERRANEAN LOVERS ARE ~SPECIAL~ AND ~TEMPESTUOUS~ thing (because it's stereotyping, for one thing). But that doesn't enter into this. Nothing enters into it. The simple fact is that Mireille is (once you get past her defences) a prickly marshmallow inside. Plus she's smart, she's sexy, and she seems to enjoy showing off both of these facts. Nobody (who likes girls) could watch how far she goes for her love by the end of Noir without feeling something.

If only she wasn't gay and utterly committed to her current partner.

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Love is stronger than death


I just realised that something between Mireille and Kirika and Rodoreamon and Mamiina (with maybe a little Shiki and Mikiya for the spicy touch of darkness) has become my ideal relationship.

What on Earth is wrong with me?

(As you might imagine, I realised this while listening to a Certain Song on the Simoun soundtrack, somewhere around the second 'Giving testament in a ruined world/ The priestesses of Tempus Spatium'.)