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I...I just discovered the work of Kate Wolf*.

Somebody please hold me...


*The last one is Nanci Griffith and Emmylou Harris singing, but that is because the entire point of 'Across the Great Divide' is that Wolf was on death's door and knew it when she wrote it...She reminds me of a cross between Higuchi Ichiyo and Stan Rogers. And there are no words for how tragic that concept is.
Revolt obey compromise deceive

Oh my God...

Nicholas Courtney, who played Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in the Doctor Who universe for over forty years, died yesterday at the age of eighty-one in London. He was a member of the main cast of Doctor Who for about five years in the 1970s, and a frequent guest for longer than anybody else in the history of the series.

Godspeed, sir.
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Gacky-ken-yoo, Annie-summa!

Did you know that Maria-sama ga Miteru has an English dub? It's true! However, it was only broadcast in those parts of South-East Asia in which English is widely spoken due to colonial history: Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and I think maybe the Philippines.

There is a reason for that.

Highlights include:
  • The word 'Gigantea' being pronounced to rhyme with the word 'piquante'.
  • Sachiko having some sort of weird one-quarter-of-an-arsed attempt at a British accent that ends up sounding like a three-way cross between William F. Buckley, Laura Bush, and Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins.
  • Yumi sounding like D.W. from Arthur.
  • Sei having the same problem with overenunciating her lines as the child voice actors in old Charlie Brown cartoons, with the difference that this DOESN'T REALLY WORK FOR AN EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL.
  • This may just be a symptom of me knowing a bit more Latin than most people, but the way they say 'Foetida' pisses me off as well.
  • Every time they say 'Sachiko' it's like they're audibly straining not to say 'Satchmo' instead.
  • In Japanese, Shimako's voice is Noto Mamiko at her most breathy and sexy. In English, Shimako is apparently mute.

Oh, no...

British Tory leader David Cameron's eldest son Ivan has died of complications from Ohtahara syndrome and cerebral palsy at the age of six.

I'm not a British subject, and if I was I would very probably not support the Conservative Party, but as a member of a family with a history of both mental and physical illness, I know what it's like to be close to a disabled child, and I wish Mr Cameron and his family the best in dealing with this loss.
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Why am I devoting so much mental energy to retconning the end of this movie?

(Hey, at least his smile in the last scene is meant to be open to interpretation! Right? Right? ...come on, throw me a bone here!)

ETA: Even worse is when I start dragging Kurt Vonnegut of all people into my sad romanticism...
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Because I am a sad, sad man with a masochistic streak the size of Manitoba, I followed a link into[info]who_anon, aka That Place Where Everybody Hates Me And Aren't Technically Supposed To Mention Me, But Do Anyway Because It's Not By Name.

I have to tell you, being called 'the creepiest person in Whofandom' is not happy goodtimes, especially for somebody like me with chronic depression and anxiety disorders and abysmal self-esteem. I know it's more than likely a mutual masturbation circle involving only ten or twelve very unpleasant people (a bit like the current US Cabinet), but the sheer level of vitriol that even an oblique mention of Romana or[info]romanafen generates is unbelievable.

Oh, and did I mention the Cliff, Shag, or Marry where one person wrote 'cliff Romanafan, shag rapist, marry paedophile'? REALLY.

If anything, this makes me want to lose myself in reading about Asakusa Sensoji, which is actually a good thing. That, and taking my anxiety meds, and listening to Dire Straits and Billy Idol at very high volumes, and reading some Snow Crash. Then I'm going to oppress people by writing Romana/Lain.

...wait, which is better, Romana/Lain or Romana/Y.T.?

Also, can I have a hug?