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Imagine, if you will, the sound of a bullfrog croaking confusedly inside a church organ.

That is roughly the sound I was making starting about eighteen or nineteen minutes into the first episode of Mawaru Penguindrum and continuing through the second.

Ikuhara, you crazy-ass diamond bastard, welcome back.
Save one person


So, a while back I watched Kuraghime. Kuraghime is a show about a bunch of bizarre nerdy girls who live in a house together and the cross-dressing male fashionista who upends their lives, especially that of the young and adorkable marine-invertebrate nerd (titular Princess Jellyfish) Tsukimi.

There's a lot to love about Kuragehime, mainly its honesty about who people fundamentally are. It's been said that everybody is a geek of some description, with things like sports and relationships having obsessive fanbases so huge as to dictate what 'mainstream society' is to everybody else. In view of this, Kuragehime depicts Kuranosuke (the cross-dressing guy) as a fashion geek more than anything else, which makes him really endearing. Also, in one episode where he gives everybody makeovers, he does not do so to this one overweight lady in a kimono--wonderfully not because 'LOL SHE'S FAT AND YOU CAN'T FIX THAT WITH MAKEOVERS', but because her personal style is 'very traditional Japanese woman', not 'frumpy slob', and that's not really a problem for his immediate purpose of making this group look presentable in a formal setting.

Anyway, what I realised while watching this, and more fully to-day, was that I'd actually consider dating a girly enough guy as long as it was made clear that the relationship would not be sexual and if we were dating I'd prefer he not have sex with other people. And I'm...really not sure what this says about me, actually!
The name of an ancient fate

Unlimited Shotgun Works!

So, a couple of days ago I watched the first episode (the only one out yet) of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It's a magical girl show with cutesy character designs that I was only watching because it's Kajiura Yuki's first full soundtrack in about two years.

Then I realised something.

This has the same director as Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei. And the same writer as Saya no Uta and Fate/Zero.

And I watched the rest of the episode. And. AND.




It's grim and disturbing and amazing and I hope it keeps up the first episode's quality (or even improves on it, since first episodes of anime series tend to be a bit bland).
Can I cry?

Fuck yeah, animated films

So, to-day I watched what exists so far of Rebuild of Evangelion.


OH. MY GOD. IT IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL SERIES. Less hopeless tone! Better animation! Even better music! More likable characters! A Gendo who's realistically aloof and neglectful and not an over-the-top unfeeling monster! Plots that make sense! Toned-down religious imagery and a move away from Freudianism in depicting the characters' thought processes! I believe at this point that Rebuild is what Evangelion should have been all along. But then, if the original hadn't existed, this couldn't really be what it is: explicitly the salvation of Shinji, Asuka, and Rei.

I like the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series okay--I have the DVD set--but it's never been a real favourite of mine. Now? I think Rebuild might be up there among animated movies, though not at the very top. HOWEVER! Two movies to go. WE WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

Also, eyepatch!Asuka.

I also watched Summer Wars, which I loved A LOT, but then, I'm biased, since I have a very large extended family that's a lot like the one in that movie.
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Worst workplace environment ever.

1. Watch the first scenes of the Kara no Kyoukai movie series.

2. Remember that these characters are, in-universe, allegedly supposed to be architectural draftsmen. Who casually say things to one another like 'Say, Shiki, what sort of feeling do you get when you look down from a height? The impulse that you feel looking down on the world you live in. A violent cognition that attacks you if you try to refuse it' and frequently refer to the human race in the third person.
3. ?
4. Profit!
Not a mistake

Adventures in Internalised Misogyny

Over on TVTropes there is a page 'Real Women Never Wear Dresses'. This trope is the perception (not, thank God, presented as fact) that traditionally 'feminine' presentation or performativity makes a female character a less worthwhile part of a narrative or a worse 'role model' for a female audience. It annoys me that this attitude exists, and it annoys me even more that it's often in effect in real life. I am of the opinion that a lot (not all, but a lot) of this attitude comes from the fact that it's no longer socially acceptable to express explicit contempt for biological femaleness and so many people have an internalised contempt for the traditional signifiers instead.

I happen to know an individual who exemplifies this attitude. She is one of those people who I continue to be acquainted with because I do not want to get involved in the drama that would be attendant with expressing my opinion of her explicitly. She dislikes (or at least claims to dislike) her mother for being married, and way back in middle school beat up a girl for wearing a skirt at least once. I honestly would really rather just not talk to her ever, but for reasons that I don't care to get into that's not an option.

One of the things about this young lady is that she recently expressed, and I'm quoting this, 'nothing but contempt' for the idea that women in fiction who present in 'feminine' ways (wearing dresses, doing domestic chores, rearing children--even if they do plenty of other things as well) can ever be role models of any kind.  This originated from a discussion of the book series that I'm writing, which features as the badass fantasy hero who saves the world...a woman who refuses to kill anybody for any reason, whose powers are mostly related to coordinating transportation for the other characters, who is explicitly stated to wear skirts and dresses most days, and whose training is in Christian pastoral work with a focus in emotional care and support. At one point another character expresses surprise that she's 'equal parts Nana Komatsu and Harriet Vane'. In another urban fantasy series she'd probably be either The Chick or the woman who was held up as a negative counterexample against a more 'action-y' female lead. I wrote her this way deliberately, because I'm writing this series to a large extent to make these points about the way women are presented in SFF.

Anyway, when this acquaintance called this character, who I'm very proud of creating if you couldn't guess, an 'idiot bitch', you best believe I raged.

So, with the message 'Look, [Name], it's a group of really good female role models!', I sent her this:

This is the opening theme of the anime Sora no Woto, which is a very fine show if unfortunately undercut by the way it was paced and structured. Aside from the fact that the director is very clearly recapitulating his Klimt fascination from his work on Elfen Lied, the most notable things about this opening are the GORGEOUS Kajiura Yuki music and the fact that we're presented with a post-apocalyptic tank platoon in pretty flowing dresses and skirts.

To cut a long story short: SHE MAD.

I think I'm going to just start ignoring her responses now, but if any further interesting developments occur I'll let you know.
Romana: Oh for God's sake

Oh for Christ's sake.

4chan, on two characters from Sora no Woto/Bruit des Cieux/Himmelsklänge/whatever language they're translating Sound of the Skies into now:

Stupid artists, pretending there's yuri where there isn't. I wish they wouldn't get put on official OSTs to fool stupid western fans who confuse girls who kiss each other and live together with lesbians. There is nothing lesbian about that, not yuri.

Uh, guys...? ...I don't think semantic drift can account for this.

I'll quote another anon:

I love Sora no Woto, how it trolls you little crybabies. Your tears are delicious, does some lesbianism really hurt your tiny male ego that much?