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For a little while now I've been having this idea for an Avatar fic in which Hama and Kanna awaken Aang about a half-century before canon. It would be a taut political story (based on the idea that fifty fewer years of total war equals fifty more years of usable political infrastructure and two generations that haven't yet been decimated) featuring such characters as Toph's grandmother or great-aunt or somebody of that sort of capacity, Decrepit!Sozin and DesperatelyWaitingForHisFatherToDieAlready!Azulon, young adult Iroh and baby Ozai, a Bumi who's in his fifties or sixties and just getting started in the Order of the White Lotus, some previous generation of Kyoshi Warriors, maybe a prior Earth King, and so on and so forth.

So, does this idea sound interesting to anybody? I'd probably start writing it around early September, when I get back from my family's road trip and knock off an original short story idea that I have.
Lead us not into temptation

Fic: Mireille and Kirika’s Magical [Possibly Poisoned] Mystery Tour

Title: Mireille and Kirika’s Magical [Possibly Poisoned] Mystery Tour
Author: melengro 
Mireille Bouquet/Yuumura Kirika
I do not own Noir or any aspect of Noir except for a set of the DVDs.
Prompt: Noir: Mireille/Kirika: The Soldats taught her everything about death, but nothing about what it means that she loves another woman.
Summary: Kirika explores some gaps in her knowledge, and her heart and other areas of her body ache a little. 
Notes: Some cleaning-up of the text by the always amazing judamacaby .


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Beneath the falling leaves.

Fractional short story, though part of ongoing novel project: 'Clapboard City'

Victoria Yarborough deposited another tray of buns in the oven and wiped her grimy face with the toreador-patterned handkerchief that she kept in the generous breast pocket of her smoke-stained off-white apron. She shut the oven doors, took several (of what would be) long loaves from Rab Ember, put them in the other big oven, and said ‘Alright, still. Time for a break, innit?’
           ‘A’righ’, Vicki.’ Rab grinned a wide-spaced, speckled grin and waved at her with his big brine-sheened hand. ‘Gonna go down the newsstands, I take it?’
            ‘Of course,’ Victoria said. ‘‘Sa new Prime Minister. Well…’ She paused and frowned and laughed. ‘An old Prime Minister, agin.’
            ‘What is it, third time?—fourth? I know ‘e’s served more ‘n wunst before.’
            ‘Third time,’ said Victoria. ‘I swear…feel’s like summat’s going to go horrible wrong quite soon in this country.—Well, it’s been four years. Baldwin’s going to have to go t’ the country again soon in any case.’
            She shrugged and walked out. It was useless discussing politics with Rab. He had a head for the lists of Prime Ministers and what they looked like and the common little facts about them but not much else. To be truthful, Victoria herself was not exactly a political genius either, though for lack of having the chance to rather than of being able, she thought. What she really liked, in the manner of finding interesting, was things like Boys’ Own tales of the great imperial wars. A more than passingly queer interest, she knew, for an East London baker’s girl to have. But the world wasn’t always going to be what it was now, was it? Some day, she knew, or thought she knew, or hoped she knew, all mankind from China to Peru would be laid out in the range of possibilities for her life before her.
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Goddess of Sound

queer_fest fic: To the World of Love

Title: To the World of Love
RPF (See-Saw)
Ishikawa Chiaki/Kajiura Yuki
I do not own Ishikawa Chiaki or Kajiura Yuki. Slavery is illegal in Japan. You may also treat the ladies here as fictional characters with the same names and professional histories, since I don't claim to know the specifics of Yuki and Chiaki's personalities beyond things like 'they are very close' and 'Yuki is said to be capital S-T-R-A-N-G-E strange'.
Prompt: RPF – See-Saw: There's a reason all the anime they do songs for are yuri…
Summary: Yuki winds up Chiaki out of love when Chiaki expresses concerns about the…blatantness of their choice of subject matter.

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Goddess of Sound

Fic: Moon Jelly (Kuragehime; for queer_fest)

Title: Moon Jelly
Author: melengro
Fandom: Kuragehime
Pairing/characters: Kranosuke and Tsukimi
Rating: PG
Prompt: 'Kuragehime : Kuranosuke, Just because he crossdresses, it doesn't mean he wants to be a woman. His identity is more complicated than that.'
Summary: Kuranosuke is upset; Tsukimi wonders why; conversation about the habits of ziphonophores ensues.
Author's notes: Many, many thanks to my lovely beta and friend judamacaby .
Disclaimer: If Kuragehime was my intellectual property, Chieko would be a secret agent and Jiji would be in a relationship with Bob Balaban's character from Gosford Park. Obviously this is not so. Feels bad, man.

Moon Jelly

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Shall we become monsters together?

Fic: A Dire Thunderclap

Title: A Dire Thunderclap
Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Summary: At the end of all things, when it all falls apart, there is only the quietness of a warm night. Homura/Madoka
Word count: 1,250
Notes: I’ve wanted to write this for a few weeks now. Thanks to judamacaby for help with making some of the sentences work, as well as talking about and generally following the series with me.


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Harriet of Somerville College

Writerly problem!

 So. I'm writing a story in which there is going to be a couple--Serafin Vallejo, who is an Ecuadorian politician, and Nour Hassan Wassef, who is a nurse-turned-revolutionary from Egypt--who do some pretty awesome things and some pretty terrible things together, and then die in a nuclear blast. What I am going to have happen is: One of them is sinking into Hell and the other is rising into Heaven, and then the latter stops and flings him/herself headlong into Hell's Jaws to be with the former. There are only a few problems informing which is going to be which:

  • There might be some gender skeeviness if Nour throws herself in after Serafin. I'll of course try my best to make this work if I decide to do it this way but there might be unfortunate implications inherent in the concept in that case, which I'd like to avoid. Also, since Serafin's name means, well, seraph, which is a type of angel, there's less ironic linguistic play in this scenario, and I love ironic linguistic play.
  • If, however, Serafin throws himself in after Nour, there are storytelling issues, since Serafin does worse things over the course of the story. From a vaguely Christian worldbuilding perspective, the only remotely conceivable reason why she'd be going to Hell and not him is that she is Muslim and he is Catholic. And that is a road that I do not, do not, DO NOT want to go down, since I'm one of the people who believes that explicit belief systems don't mean shit compared to tacit understandings and outlooks on the world crystallised in thoughts, words, and actions.
So! What should I do? Should I risk the possible genderfail of Serafin going to Hell and Nour throwing herself in after him and try to moderate it and make it as non-faily as I possibly can, or should I try to work around the storytelling issues and vague hints of racefail in doing it the other way around? I want this plot point in there--it's pretty important to other plot and character points--but I must confess I'm at a loss as to how best to minimise the things that make it difficult to pull off.
At what speed must we live

Fic: She Who Is Drowned

Title: She Who Is Drowned
Author/Artist: melengro
Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Pairing: Homura/Madoka
Rating: PG
Word count: 1,106
Request/prompt: ‘He who is drowned is not troubled by the rain’.
Notes: The brief lyrical snippets are from Stan Bush’s ‘The Touch’ and an English translation of Lorenzo da Ponte’s libretto for Don Giovanni.

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